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Introducing Broadway 2.0: Where Tech Meets Intellect

At Broadway, we have always focused on solving the industry’s toughest FICC trading workflow challenges. Almost 20 years ago, as the automation of global markets was kicking into gear, we saw an opportunity to help participants navigate this shift. With fairness, transparency, and teamwork as our foundational values, we built a strong track record of delivering market-leading technology that drives measurable results for our clients.

That success enabled us to greatly expand our team, build a client roster that included the majority of the top global banks, and ultimately sell our non-fixed income business to ION Group in 2020. Now, as the fixed income markets continue to evolve and become more complex, the opportunity before us has never been greater.

But Broadway, by nature, is a company where substance outweighs style. Our focus has always been on our clients more so than our brand, but with the new direction of our business – “Broadway 2.0,” if you will – we felt it was important to ensure that people understand who we are as a company today and where we are headed tomorrow. This led us to pursue a full company rebrand, including a fresh way to talk about our business and a revamped visual profile that reflects our core values and beliefs.

Today, we are excited to share the results of these efforts: a new website, logo, and overall look and feel that, combined with our expanded senior leadership team and reconstituted firm, position us for a bright future.

What may be the biggest change is reflected in our logo – we are no longer “Broadway Technology,” but simply “Broadway.” We’ve worked incredibly hard over the last two decades to carve out the reputation we have as a technology firm, which we felt made the full name redundant. The shortened moniker also creates a cleaner look that reflects the elegance of the code we write.

In addition, our new tagline, “Where Tech Meets Intellect,” speaks not only to what sets us apart – the marriage of an incredibly powerful platform with the industry’s best and brightest technologists – but also aligns with our vision for how trading solutions like ours must augment, not replace, human traders.

Visually, the shapes that overlay some of our new imagery emphasize technological expertise and the collaborative spirit we bring to everything we do. And while we still layout key information in black and white, the vivid shades of purple, green, orange, and blue show that we’re not afraid to do things a little differently.

Another key component of the rebrand was making sure our distinctive culture shined through. By using imagery that emphasizes the strength of our people, we portray openness, inclusion, focus, and, above all, a place where prospective employees and clients alike can see reflections of themselves.

We believe that this refreshed identity best showcases our unique combination of our team and technology, our consultative approach, and our market-leading position. With our new direction and several new executive appointments, as well as the recent expansion of our global business development team, it has been an exciting year for us, and this brand launch will help sustain and grow that momentum into 2022 and beyond.

Overall, our mission remains unchanged from the one Tyler Moeller and team mapped long ago. We are singularly focused on helping market participants maximize efficiency and optimize the performance of their fixed income trading workflows through cutting-edge software, collaborative consultation, and expert support. With our new identity, we are better equipped than ever to deliver these benefits to our global clients. Thank you for your support of Broadway over the years – we can’t wait to show you what comes next!