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The fixed income trading
process is rife with complexity.
The Toc makes it simple.

For more than 20 years, the Toc — our core platform for scalable, high-performance distributed computing and open data access, and low-code business logic — has powered advanced trading systems for the world’s largest financial institutions by enabling seamless interoperability among essential tools — whether proprietary, third-party, or from us.

A lifetime of interoperability

Picture hundreds of mission-critical applications running all over the world, each independently developed and flexibly evolving, yet working in synergy with one another in real time—that’s the power of the Toc.

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By leveraging our Toc platform, clients can simplify complex networks of systems and enable future growth and innovation in every step of the fixed income trading process. The Toc platform provides integration and aggregation capabilities for all data, applications, and workflows that power a sophisticated enterprise.

Data Normalized and Accessible Globally

Descriptive and flexible data model incorporating fundamental object-oriented concepts

Intuitive low-code query language for accessing and filtering all data, whether streaming or historical

High-performance caching, persistence, synchronization, and event processing
Native support for dynamic views and data transformations

Seamless Integration Through a Uniform API

Buy and build — integrate any data and technologies together, whether from Broadway, in-house, or a third-party vendor

Open API for easy integration (including C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, .NET/C#, and HTTP/JSON)
Run applications anywhere — automatic context-specific discovery of the optimal low-latency communication route
Maintain system health and performance, balance workloads, and automate application deployment and system operations
Ground-up authentication, encryption, and data-level auditing and entitlement

Can be hosted as an entirely managed service by Broadway Greyspan across multiple colocated sites and cloud providers

Workflows Designed for Innovation and Evolution

Future-proof platform approach enables rapid reconfiguration and upgrades, obviating the need for full-system overhauls
Combine automated and human processes through modular data-oriented interfaces
Create new workflows through composition and reuse of existing capabilities

Built-in low-code engine for workflow design and automation, unlocking immensely powerful business capabilities simply

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