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Waters Technology: Broadway Technology, Symphony, and New Beginnings (And Other New CEOs)

In his weekly column, WatersTechnology Editor in Chief Anthony Malakian looks at two recent high-profile fintech CEO appointments: Michael Chin of Broadway and Brad Levy of Symphony.

“Chin finds himself at the helm of a company reborn, even if its skin and skeleton appear largely the same, sans an appendage or two,” writes Malakian. “When I spoke with Chin and Eitan Reich, Broadway’s chief architect, the impression I got was that the vendor is going to look to further open up its platform so it can connect to other fixed-income platforms and data sources. While the vendor has always had a managed service component and would even white-label some its technology—both of which Chin expects to expand—the execs are tuning into the interoperability push running through the industry.”

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